Jon starts at NU and we discuss Truth and Lies…


To understand the effects of “truth” or “lies,” we discuss sources of information as a factor that may mold perceptions and inform opinions.

New Utrecht HS 2014 Graduation…

My personal (graduating) favorites: (L to R) Jenny Guan, Lina Qiu, and the ever so perfect Kevin Kuang…may all your goals be reached by overcoming everything and growing in every way!


Jenny Guan 2014 New Utrecht HS SALUTATORIAN!

Lina Qiu, that rebelious spirit and high energy will get you where you want to be!

Go Green project

New Utrecht students talking about how to live in green society….

Origami party

Origami party at New Utrecht, students decided to make origami for the the art fair at BCAL.

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Self defense class at Chinese Hawaiian kenpo academy with Sufu Jack

New Utrecht HS went to self defense class at Chinese Hawaiian kenpo academy with Sufu Jack.